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Zdjęcie Cieszyna

1416 - Boleslas the First grants the town a monopoly on the sale of beer

In 1416, the then Cieszyn Duke Boleslas I (1410-1431) issued an important document for Cieszyn, listing the privileges granted to the residents of the city. Among the privileges granted was the right to inherit family estates by the townspeople, the rights of ownership of a property in the city, according to which only a person residing in the city could be an owner of property, the right to judge visitors for debts in the city, the right of possession of property by Cieszyn residents governed by the rights of the nobility, a decision that all changes in the guild law depend only on the city council, as well as the one-mile right, that is, the city’s exclusivity for the sale of Cieszyn beer in neighbouring towns. Brewing beer was a very profitable business and the city authorities guarded this monopoly for centuries.

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