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Zdjęcie Cieszyna

1789 - The biggest fire in the history of the town

From the beginning of its existence, Cieszyn has been visited by fires many times. The most disasters fell on the inhabitants of Cieszyn in the 9th decade of the 18th century. There was an earthquake and several fires broke out. And the most tragic of these occurred on May 5, 1789. The fire that broke out on Wyższa Brama street (the Upper Gate), as a result of the strong wind, gradually spread to larger and larger parts of the city. Most of the buildings (276) were destroyed, only a dozen or so in the suburbs were left untouched. The parish church of Saint Mary Magdalene at today's Theatre Square was also ruined. This church has never been rebuilt. The consequence of the fire was the reconstruction of a safer and more modern city. The city walls were lifted, the moat was filled in or converted into cellars, the streets were widened, the area near Mennicza street was levelled, and above all, houses made of brick and stone were built. The reconstruction of the city lasted 10 years.

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