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Zdjęcie Cieszyna

1438 - Cieszyn receives the privilege of minting coin

The Cieszyn authorities undertook various activities to increase urban income. One of them was securing the right to mint their own coin. Due to the problems of the prince’s family in 1438, Cieszyn acquired minting rights from the then ruling Princess Ofka (1431-1447) and her sons for 750 grzywnas (ancient Polish monetary unit). The minting right of the city was lost during the reign of prince Casimir II, because in 1498 he himself obtained the minting privilege from Vladislaus I, the king of Bohemia. Until then, the city authorities minted their own coins – called “halers” – for six decades. Today, there are six known types of city halers introduced into circulation by the city of Cieszyn.

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